in latin, creo means: to create, make


Creo is an emerging landscape architecture studio, focused on providing landscape architectural design services to clients seeking innovative design solutions.  Through our design and collaborative spirit, we strive to create character and definition to open spaces and add social and monetary value to each project we are involved in. Founded in 2012 by Todd Lansing and Scott Mulholland, Creo has had the opportunity to work on some of the premier project in the Bay Area   With our years of combined experience working on a range of project types, we provide landscape design services through all phases of the project- from conceptual design through construction consultation. Our clients range from pre-eminent and emerging architectural firms, mixed-use residential developers, non profit companies, public agencies, civic institutions, private corporations and health care institutions. Our repeat clients and ongoing feedback are a testament to our professional competency, and how we are to work with.

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During the design process we allow the form and the user experience to dictate the design process. Our thorough understanding of regulations, code, construction process and environmental constraints are guiding parameters in which to work. This results in striking landscape forms that function and engage the user.